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Post university, wondering what to do with the rest of his life, and a little drunk at a UK festival, Jason Telford makes a wager with Richard Bradbury to quit working at a record store and follow through on the dream of providing visuals (aka being a VJ) to London’s hedonistic nightclubs.



Motion Graphics

Art Direction


Branding Identity

...Soon after the first gig was in a barn in the countryside for 30 people, two weeks later Nuroptics provided visuals at an event in the iconic Brixton Academy, London, for 1000’s of people.


He promptly quit his day job and in turn he became one of the very very few full time VJs at the time.

That conversation was over 2 decades ago. Jason Telford has since worked with the biggest clubs and festivals from Torture Garden to Glastonbury. More recently he has been touring with bands such as Coldplay and Metallica. Yet still finds time to work at intimate festivals such as FolkEast.

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