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Art in Motion Concept - Jason Nuroptics

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Art in Motion has been a concept in my mind for almost 5 years. I wanted to learn how to make it come alive. Jason Telford planted the seed of projection mapping in my mind and it's been growing since. I planted this concept in his head, and here's his beautiful first draft. Set in Japan, naturally.

I lied about my age for 5 years. More than 2 decades ago, I started working for MTV, when it was still about the music - this was way before reality TV had ruined television forever. After showing up to a segment production meeting in a suit, I was asked: "Ahhh you're the new segment producer girl, how old are you, 24?!" "Yes, of course," I said. I was 19 at the time and was thusly "24 years old" for 5 years. I've been an incredible liar since. Ironically, MTV has been one long-standing lie also; It wasn't my first real job. My first real job was actually working as a Museum Tour Guide. This betrays my age and my nerdy ass. Radical honesty: what this has taught me for many years, is to spot the real musicians and artists who can execute on great ideas.

This is the point: As soon as I learned projection mapping some years ago, Art in Motion has been a concept in my mind. I wanted to learn how to make it come alive. Fortunately this led me to discover and connect with visionary artists Ben Heine, Laurie Lipton and Jon Beinart - Meeting these artists and being new to projection mapping drove me to rant and rave about Art in Motion to the one person I knew who could make it happen. This is just a first draft. Jason can execute on both small ideas and massive ones.

This combines my three favourite art forms into one immersive experience: Music, Still Art and projection mapping. Jason Telford, aka Nuroptics created this.

It's a mere fraction of what he can do.


Ed.Note: In the spirit of unboxing new projects from old ideas displaying on ancestral architecture, have a look at what Jason Nuroptics is up to now...

Vote for Vessel - A Projection Mapping Pitch by Jason Nuroptics.
Vessels take you on a journey, a journey through time. A boat is a vessel, even a spaceship. These vessels could take you to beautiful amazing places. I have submitted a projection mapping pitch to Genius Loci Weimar for the third time and for its Annual Theme 2021: "True Crime" I submit VESSEL. And this is why. - Jason Telford

More words this way...

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