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Why Vessel? A Projection Mapping Story Snippet by Jason Nuroptics

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Vessels take you on a journey, a journey through time. A boat is a vessel, even a spaceship. These vessels could take you to beautiful amazing places. I have submitted a projection mapping pitch to Genius Loci Weimar for the third time and for its Annual Theme 2021: "True Crime" I submit VESSEL. And this is why.

From the words of the Genius Loci Weimar Jury

The history of Weimar is far broader than its “golden” and “silver” eras. Many a culture war has been fought within the Weimar city walls and countless tragic figures have passed through its dwellings and dungeons. In 2021, we will begin the tour at the Bastille Ensemble, a veritable institution of princely power in Weimar. It is also where the young maid and child murderer Johanna Catharina Höhn was most likely incarcerated until her execution by beheading. Perched defiantly above the courtyard gate, the Ernestine electoral coat of arms still shows the way into the city and declares the power of imperial election, now a long-lost privilege.

"Vessels" takes you on a journey, a journey through time. A boat is a vessel, even a spaceship. These vessels could take you to beautiful amazing places. Your body is also a vessel. Again it can take you on a wonderous journey. Though this vessel you can never escape from. You can't change your body, your vessel, from birth to death you are tied to your vessel. For some, that vessel will be exploited by some (servant labour)--or worse: abused by some.

Johanna Catharina Höhn became pregnant, her vessel made this plan, she didn’t.

The building for the projection is also a vessel. Again somewhere dreams can flourish, or in the case of Johanna, the Vessel that building became her prison.

It was a Russian Dolls of vessels, her consciousness enclosed in her vessel, her body, to then be enclosed, in fact imprisoned in the projection mapped building.

Vote for VESSEL -This is a triptych of skill sets coming together to make one piece. It is an opportunity not to miss out on.

As both NUROPTICS and Jason Telford, I have been experimenting with Bill Greenhalgh’s work over many years. In the early days; as content for club visuals. Then we were commissioned to provide a 10 minute piece for MixMasters / ITV (UK Television station). This was several years ago but cemented the concept of using Bill Greenhalgh’s shapes and language to tell a story through video ...and for making walls talk. We now have the chance to wield the awe- inspiring tool of projection mapping on wicked architecture-- that is if we get voted for in Genius Loci Weimar.


Ed's Note: Nuroptics has submitted three projection mapping pitches to Genius Loci Weimar, this included. Third time lucky! Click here to see the 30s animation teaser...Few people can make a plan come to life. Jason Nuroptics, having been trusted for everything from projection mapping on cars, massive festivals and architecture, to art directing spider cam visuals for Coldplay and Metallica...Jason will execute on the idea and create something enchanting and amazing.

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